How to Find My Hue Bridge ip Address

//How to Find My Hue Bridge ip Address
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How to Find My Bridge IP Address

Your Philips hue bridge gets assigned an ip address by the router that it is connected to, so the 2nd or middle light on the bridge must be solid first. If the 2nd light on your bridge is not on at all, make sure your bridge is plugged in to the back of your router. If it is and still not on, change the Ethernet cable with another one you know works. If the light does not come on at all, it is possible that the bridge is defective and you should either call Philips or return to point of sale.

There are a few different ways that you can find the ip address assigned to your Philips Hue Bridge, the easiest is through the meethue api.

Meethue – api/nupnp

If you are having trouble connecting to your bridge, first make sure the 2nd light is solid on your bridge and we can confirm your bridge has been assigned an ip address. Follow the link below.


If your bridge is on your network, the link should bring up a page that will look like this:

Hue API nupnp

The number “” is the ip address assigned to this specific bridge. Your ip address will most likely be slightly different than in the picture.


If you are using a device not on the same network as your bridge or your bridge has not been assigned an ip address by your router, it will only show brackets like below.

Hue Empty Brackets

Other Ways to Find your Hue Bridge ip Address

Disable DHCP in Hue App – Only possible if you can connect to your bridge

Open the Philips Hue Application and go into Settings/My Bridge/Network Settings. Once in Network settings, disable DHCP and it will display the IP address that is currently assigned to your Hue Bridge.

Install Fing Application

Another way is with this network application called Fing. It is a free application that will show you all devices and ip address assigned to them on your network.

How to Set a Static Ip Address to your Hue Bridge

In some cases of bridge connectivity it can help to assign a static ip address to your Philips hue bridge. It is recommended to leave it on DHCP, meaning it will automatically be assigned an ip address from the router. If you do not understand how these settings work, you may want to contact your router manufacturer.

Go to Settings/Hue Bridge

Then press the i

Then Network Settings

Press the slider button next to DHCP

Here you have the ability to change you network settings or set an ip address. Once finished making changes, make sure you save it on the top right.

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