Hue With Living Colors Remote

The Philips Living Color remote can be used to connect and store hue lights similar to how the bridge works. It can control up to 10 Philips hue lights. This device is not a Hue Bridge add-on, you can either control your lights with the remote or with your Hue Bridge, not both at the same time since your lights can only be paired to one device at a time.

These remotes can be used as a simple alternative to having a hue bridge which requires you to have a phone or tablet to control your lights. They do have limitations and do not provide all the features of a hue Bridge but are perfect if you just want to change the color, brightness, or saturation of a smaller sized hue system.

Hue Living Colors Remote

The bulb selector at the top can be used to select individual light colors, brightness, and saturation of your hue lights.

Hue Living Colors / Friends of Hue Remote

This remote came with the Hue Living Colors Iris, Aura, and Bloom before the Hue eco system was created. It can only change all of the lights at the same time. You can adjust the color, brightness, and saturation with this remote.

How to Pair Your Living Colors Remote to your Hue Lights

This process can be used for both types of Living Colors Remote

Pair all of your Hue lights to the remote by holding it close to the light you want to pair. Then press and hold the On ( – icon) button on the remote until the light you want to connect flashes 3 times. You can confirm your lights are added to this remote by cycling through the colors with the color wheel and they should change.

To Reset or Unpair a Hue Light

If you want to remove a light, you will have to reset the remote. Behind the battery cover there is a reset button, it is a pin hole that you will need a paper clip or sim card tool to press it in. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds and all you lights will be unpaired from the remote.

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