How to Connect Philips Hue to Alexa

Connecting your Philips Hue System to Alexa allows you to use voice commands to control your lights. You’ll be able to tell Alexa to turn on/off lights, change colors, dim the lights, and set scenes for specific lights and Rooms. Follow this guide to connect your Amazon Echo, Dot, or Show to your Hue System.

To get started, you will need to have completed setting up your Philips Hue System and your Amazon Echo, Dot, or Show. Click the links below if you need a starter guide on getting these two steps completed.


  • You will need to have a Philips Hue Account with your Bridge connected to it
  • You will need to have a Amazon Account with your Echo connected to it
  • Must have a Hue Bridge V2 and Up (Square Shaped Bridge)
  • A Wifi Network with Internet
  • An Amazon Echo device: Echo,Dot, or Show (Note: Will not work with Echo 1st or Echo Dot 1st gen)

Connect Philips Hue to Alexa

To start using Hue with Alexa, you need to add the Hue Skill to the Alexa App.

To add the skill, open the Alexa application and go to More > Skills & Games.

Select the Search magnifying glass on the top right.

Type “Hue” in the Search field and select the Hue option that appears.

Note: If this step brings you to a screen with two options that say “Settings” and “Disable Skill”, this means you already have the skill enabled. Try saying a simple command to Alexa like “Alexa, turn off my lights”. If she is unable to complete the command, select Disable Skill and re-add it.

Select the “Enable to Use” button

This will bring you to the Philips Hue website to link your hue account to Alexa.

First select your Country and then you can enter your Philips Hue Account login details.

It will then ask you to Grant Permission to Alexa. Select Yes.

You should then get a message like below letting you know that Hue has been successfully linked to Alexa.

You can now go to the Devices tab in Alexa and you should see your lights and Rooms.

You can now try giving Alexa commands you change your lights.

Controlling Your Lights with Alexa

Below are a Few basic commands to turn your lights on/off, lights color, and brightness. Remember to start all your commands by saying “Alexa” first so that it knows you are about to give it a command.

“Turn off my lights”

“Set my lights to blue”

“Set my lights to 50% brightness”

“Dim my lights”

“Set <Room name> to red”

If your Hue Bridge was not Found by Alexa

Make certain that your Echo, Phone/Tablet, and Hue Bridge are all connected to the same network.

Try unplugging the power from the bridge and Alexa for 30 seconds and try again.