How to Setup Alexa – Updated 2022

Follow this step by step guide on how to set up Alexa so that you can use voice commands with your Philips Hue.

Echo Dot 4th Generation


  • Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus
  • An IOS or Android Tablet or Phone
  • An Amazon Account
  • A Wifi Network with an Internet Connection

To get started, you will need the Amazon Alexa App installed on your device. Select the links below to download the Amazon Alexa App for your devices operating system.

Apple IOS

Once installed, open the application and sign in using your Amazon account credentials. It will then ask you a series of questions, follow all of the prompts until you get to the Alexa Home screen like shown below.

Connecting Amazon Echo to the Alexa App

If you haven’t done so already, unbox your Amazon Echo, connect the power adapter and plug it into an available wall power outlet. You should see an orange light circling around the device. This indicates that it is in Setup Mode.

If the light is blue or purple and you have not yet connected the Echo to the app, you will need to put it back into Setup Mode. This can be done unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in or by pressing and holding the Action button for approximately 15 seconds.

After confirming that the Echo is in Setup Mode, the Amazon Alexa app may automatically see your Echo and let you know that it can be setup. You can select Continue to proceed with the setup.

If it did not pop up automatically, select the Devices Icon in the Alexa App and then the Plus icon on the top right.

Select Amazon Echo.

Select Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and More

Connect Alexa to Wifi

After the Alexa App finds your Echo, it will then ask you to connect to your Wifi Network. The Echo does support both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz network frequencies.

Select your network from the list of networks that appear and enter your password.

If you are unsure of which one is your wifi network, check the network name that your phone or device is connected to and match it to one on the list. You should be connecting your Echo and device to the same network.

Your Wifi Password and How to Reset it

The password is likely not the same password as your Amazon account. If you are unsure of your networks password, check with another member of your household if possible to see if they can tell you. If you did not create your network password and don’t know what it is, try looking near where the router is located in your home. Sometimes the password may be written somewhere on the router or on a note if created by your internet service provider. Ultimately if you are unable to find your wifi password, you can try calling the manufacturer of the router for assistance with resetting the router and creating a new wifi password.

After successfully connecting to your wifi network, you should get a message like below letting you know that your Echo has been connected successfully. You will then have a few more simple prompts like language preference, which room your Echo is in, etc.

Click the button below to proceed with setting up your Alexa to work with your Philips Hue system.

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