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//Hue Replacement Parts and Accessories
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Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacement Hue Lightstrip Mounting Tape

The tape that comes pre-attached to the Hue Lightstrip and Lightstrip Plus is not the best for every location that you are trying to attach your strip to. This mounting tape is much stronger than the factory tape to ensure your strip will stop falling off. You will need to remove the existing tape before applying the new tape.

Hue Lightstrip Plus Non LED Extension Cable

Extend your Hue Lightstrip Plus without it being an extension that lights up. This is great for situations like bridging a space where you don’t want light. Keep in mind that you can only add this extension to an uncut lightstrip, other wise the 6 pin connectors are not there to add this on. This extension is available in 3ft/1M lengths and in black or white colors.

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