Lamp Finder and Touchlink to Connect a Light

Note: Take a picture or write down the serial number of your bulbs before installation. Click here for Serial Number locations on hue products.

Hue Lights – This is an application that allows the Touchlink method of connecting a hue light to the hue bridge. This application is only available for IOS devices.

  • Download and install the Hue Lights app from the Apple App Store on your device. You can find a link to it by clicking here.
  • Open the Hue Lights app and go to Setttings > Touchlink.
  • Make sure your hue lights are powered on and within 1 meter of the Hue Bridge. The light will not be found if it is not close enough.
  • The scan will take about 2 minutes. If it still does not find your light, try powering the light off and on, and retry the scan.

Download Hue Lamp Finder for MAC, Windows, and Linux

This method allows you to download a computer application that will help add your lights to your hue bridge. It can be downloaded by selecting the download button below.

Note – This is a java application (.jar). If you do not have Java installed on your computer, you can find it here

  1. Navitage to the location of the download on your computer and install the application.
  2. Check the I have read this box and select Start.
  3. Once your Hue Bridge is found, press the button on the bridge.
  4. Make sure your hue lights are powered on and within 1 meter of the bridge. Select Find Lights.
  5. When a light is found, it will flash a few times. If your light is still not found, try powering it on and off and retry the search.

2 thoughts on “Lamp Finder and Touchlink to Connect a Light”

  1. Is there a way to find the serial numbers (digitally) once the bulbs are connected to the Hub? Thanks for this awesome software!


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