Lamp Finder and Touchlink to Connect a Light

Hue Lights

This option works through the Hue Lights application. The Touchlink option is currently only built into an IOS application, if you have an droid device you will have to use Lamp Finder on a PC or MAC

Open the Hue Lights app and go to Settings then Touchlink

Make sure your light is powered on and within 1 meter of the bridge, it will not find it if it is not close enough

It will scan for about a minute and thirty seconds, if it does not find your light, try powering it off, start the scan and power it on.

Download Hue Lamp Finder for MAC, Windows, and Linux

Download Hue Lamp Finder

How to Use Lamp Finder

Download and Open Hue Lamp Finder. This is a Java application so you have to have java installed, you can download it here.

Make sure the computer you are using is on the same network that your hue bridge is on and press Find Bridge.

Once it finds your hue bridge it will ask you to press the big button on your hue bridge before the timer runs out.

Before you click on Find Light, make sure the bulb you are trying to connect is moved within a 1 to 3 feet of the hue bridge and powered on. Power off all other hue lights by the light switch and then press Find Light.

If your light is found it will flash and you will see it in your Philips Hue application after a minute or so. If it does not find your light, power off the light, close lamp finder. Start lamp finder again and search for your light, while it is searching power on the light. Repeat this process until all lights are found.