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Hue BR30 White & Color with Richer Colors

Philips has finally released the richer colors version of the Hue BR30 that produces better blue and green colors than the original Hue BR30 bulbs. Specifications: Lumens: 650 at 4000K 2000-6500K 16 million colors Functional white light 9watts max operation power 0.2 Watts standby power Lamp Size: 3.8" x 5.3" 25,000 hours lifetime 2 [...]

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New Hue E12 Candle Bulbs

Philips has announced two new Philips Hue bulbs to add you to your system, hue E12 base White & color and a White & Ambiance candelabra. Availability is late 2017, no exact release date has been set.

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Philips Hue App Update 2.6

What's New in Version 2.6.0 - Added iPad support - Improved iOS 10 support, you can now 3D Touch the app icon to quickly access your widgets - Improved scene edit, now you can also edit your custom scenes both with and without a picture - Bug fixes and stability improvements Android - Added [...]

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New Philips Hue Bulbs and Motion Sensor

Philips has released a few new additions for your Philips hue system. Click the links below for pricing and availability at Amazon. Hue Motion Sensor Hue GU10 White & Ambiance Hue BR30 White & Ambiance Hue White & Ambiance Wireless Dimming Kit - (Hue A19 White & Ambiance + Hue Wireless Dimmer) Hue A19 White & [...]

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“Another user already paired the HomeKit enabled bridge” Fixed

If you are receiving the error message "Another user already paired the HomeKit enabled bridge", Philips hue labs has a reset for siri voice control on the bridge. This reset will not affect any of your hue bridge settings except for siri voice control. Follow the link below for the reset. Please make sure [...]

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Hue Forum is now live!

With the Hue Forum you can now ask questions about Hue, Hue problems, or even make content requests. To use the forum, first create an account here: Register. Once you have created your account and logged in, select the Hue Forum at the top. If you do not see a topic for the question or issue [...]

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